Photos by Wendy Jang

Every Saturday morning, local vendors bring their wares to the Kandahar Air Field (KAF) to sell to the KAF residents. While setting up their stalls (starting as early as 5:30 am), the sons and nephews who will help them hawk their goods attend the KAF Bazaar School. The school started about 18 months ago, and has now become a formal program including recreation activities run by KAF volunteers (soldiers and civilians) and formal lessons with an Afghan teacher. Photos below show some typical activities as well as a few scenes from the very lively and noisy bazaar, where haggling is expected.

Outdoor School Shelter

School started in this outdoor shelter - now used for recreation activities

New KAF school building

New KAF school building - opened May 2010

Inside the KAF School house

Inside the KAF one-room school house

Loot bags at Sat Baz School

Snack bags: reward for hard work at KAF Bazaar School

School boys and soldiers playing soccer

School boys and soldiers play soccer

2 boys playing soccer

team mates

Running soccer player in baseball cap

This lad is all about sports - note he wears athletic shoes not sandals

Best friends

Best friends

bazaar stalls - belly dance

Bazaar stalls - belly dancing clothes

bazaar stalls - rugs, pashminas

Rugs, blankets and pashminas of every colour and description

vendors sitting on stacked rugs

Sizing up the customers